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Full Version: Help with Subdomains (and maybe site efficiency)
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Hi everyone.  Have run into some roadblocks as far as integrating our site with our forum and archives and figured this would be the absolute best place for some assistance. 

I'm one of the admins on Sprites-Inc ( an archive that hosts Mega Man sprites as well as some Public Domain images that members have created, and a Castlevania section.  We recently changed the layout so that the archive would be easily accessible from the forum, and vice-versa.  I have recently finished updating the specific game sections of the archive with the newer layout.  This now leaves our Public Domain section and our Castlevania Section requiring the newer layout.  As you can see, the links are slightly different than the mainsite url.  The PD section is a subdomain on the server, while the castlevania section is a subsection of the main site. ( and

What my hope was that I could integrate the current layout onto these separate domains, but with a different theme.  The PD would be a red variant of the main blue site, while the Castlevania section would have more of a darker/orangey tone to match the colors of the original Castlevania game.  Is it entirely possible to force a specific theme onto a subdomain?  I've tried a few different things such as manually setting up the php's and it would not pull the member data from the main site.  And at this point I'm at a complete loss and require a more professional look at how to do this.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  I would be happy to provide any code necessary to help specify this.

A secondary question is...I feel our url's are grossly inefficient compared to how they used to be. Before the upgrade, they were along the lines of where now they're
the ?local= part is really throwing me off and I'm wondering if that is an unnecessary bit of code.  again, anything necessary I would be happy to provide.

I am grateful for any and all assistance I receive with this.  And thank you in advance.