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Full Version: How to stop a pathetic spammer-HELP!
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hello friends,

I recently used mybb forum for one of my client 

but he is struggling to ban a spammer

he banned him 2 times from different ip

but he keeps coming back.. i guess he is using some vpn

is there any way to ban some one .. no matter how hard they try.. or its not possible to do so?

he is using MyBB 1.8.6
apart from regular spam combating methods (please search), I'd suggest to put moderation for new posts by the new members
required approvals plugin should work fine for above purpose
It's a bot or a human?

In my case using recaptcha and mail verification i stopped almost 99% of bots.
2 IPs is nothing. Some ISPs reassign IPs routinely, plus proxies, work, libraries… Some legit users on my forum post from 20-40 IPs.

I like Spamalyser as my last defense against spam:

It looks at a variety of things in each post and can hold them for your approval if they meet a certain threshold of "spamminess" and/or can let them through and just report them as suspicious if they meet another threshold. (We also use stop forum spam, captcha, and security question to stop many registrations, but none of those do very well against one human spammer who really wants in.)
If you are dealing with a human with the purpose of messing with the administration the best thing you could do is to auto-moderate every post until the user reaches a certain post count.