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Full Version: [Theme] my own creation
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I made this today.


tell me what you think of it.
There are no messages on the portal.. ? Sad

Why not fix the background so that it doesn't scroll with the foreground.. Wink

Can't say I like side-boxes squashing the forum either... Not being picky, it's just that I dont like to see forums cluttered with the same things that are available in the portal.. Wink

Just my two cents worth.. But it gets better as you go along... Smile
That demo link needs to be removed its linked to a trojan dropper.
\local settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content IE5\W5YJK9UN\
Trojan horse Dropper Agent DHY
Thanks for the warning... Smile

Don't know if the DHY has come from there as you say or not.. ?

I checked my box with everything... and visually. Can't find any trace of the trojan. Not even in my A/V logs as being deleted, which I usually set to not bother informing me.

What A/V are you using ? Some generate false-positives. I hope that that is the problem, and I hope that Carey is not knowingly spreading a virus. If that is the case.. Sad
You site is a trojan downloader remove links at the top of the forum
ahh! how do I fix that! I'm very sorry about that i had no idea
^try removing the link at the top of your page
my logo? or is there something else
No it's fine now
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