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Full Version: Theme "Judel-Blue" aka Cobalt Black..
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Sorry Judel... Couldn't resist the title......... Toungue

It was said that Blue on Blue was a "bit" bright... Wink

I hope you like Cobalt Black. Big Grin

Cobalt Black Demo
wow, very nice theme m8y, nice job!
Thanks, I hope Judel likes it too... Wink

But I just gotta swap those "Smilies".... They're AWFUL! Toungue
yerr was gonna say the while bored on the smilies doesnt look to good Wink

are your themes available for download?
They will be, but I'm still working on them...

I re-did some javascript today and am just re-making and adding NEW dot_folders... Smile

All the $lang and mybb vars have been done... Now it's just finishing crossing the t's and dotting the I's..

Then I'll organise a website to release them from, because of the instructions needed to add extreme styles to MyBB... Maybe in about a week. Smile
Cool looking forward to it, like the grey theme too!
It's been re-named to Char-Brown... Had a lot of arguments with the wife about that colour. Sometimes it looked grey, but to me it was always brown.

Maybe I better get her off to the Optometrist.. Lol!
i think all your style have the same header i think you should change in the next styles

and thank you very goooood styles
Wow, I'm honored! Big Grin That is MUCH nicer! Thanks a bunch! Pretty!

Quote:re-making and adding NEW dot_folders
Yes, I did notice the dot_folders icon didn't match the others! Toungue
nice theme good job m8
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