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Full Version: colours in templete
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I have 5 questions about some colours in the template section.
Till now I did not find what to change to get another colour.

Who will help by saying what part of the template section I must change.

After who is online you have also some text, my background is black and als my letter colour. What do I have to change to get another textcolour. (atach 1.)

The copyright text is black and my background is dark where to change the textcolour of the text from copyright. (atach 2)

3. Lines
Between Your website, Contact us there are some verticale lines, they are white just like the background how to change the colour of them. (atach 2)

When you wanne edit a message you can choose from 2 things, the textcolour and this box are both white. How can I change the text colour. (atach 3)

Where can I change the colour of the admin name, now it is green. (atach 4)
Nobody who could help me
Have patience,

What you are asking takes a lot of explaining. Some are in the Theme .css and some are in the Admin Control Panel. Wink
OK Thanks, I allreay tried to do it but then is that wrong and that again something else.
I was so smart to print the list otherwise I was lost all colours
Reset anything you have changed in the Default theme to default, and export the Default theme to your hard-drive. Edit it and re-name it to something else, and then import it.

That means "Change the Name inside of the file to "My-Theme" or something else"..

And play with that one.. All the image paths will be the same etc, and if you screw-up, remove / delete the My-Theme and re-install it until you can see where you are going wrong. Smile
I thought there must be at least 1 person who know it and can say be me you must have this or that part.
I can imagine that there where more people who wanne know that in the past.
You have No Age, (Birthday), No website and very little else in your profile.

How are people supposed to gauge your experience when you give very little information to go on.

I don't care if you're 10 years old or 60 years old... But there needs to be a basis to set your level of expertise on.
OK I am gonna add those information