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Full Version: Varied Issues After Restoring Forum to MyBB 1.6.14 after a failed 1.8.6 upgrade.
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I am the admin of Around midnight on Tuesday, I attempted to upgrade my forum running 1.6.14 to 1.8.6. At the moment, I have re-installed 1.6.14 and uploaded a database dump I got from phpMyAdmin. The theme is not functioning properly, just because I haven't found where it is in my 1.8.6 files yet. I can log in, browse, and post. I can't access the admin CP. It signs me out whenever I try to leave /admin/index.php, presumably because admin permissions are broken or something.

"Invalid administration session"
check if this helps:

and also check the cokie settings in inc/settings.php file
So how do I access my admin CP?

EDIT: Also, no, that doesn't help.
This behaviour : login as admin- success-go to a page in the ACP-get logged out is almost ALWAYS cookie related.

What may you have to do is edit the settings in phpmyadmin if you cannot fix the cookie. I will try and find a post for you with detailed steps for the cookie

Here we go:
This article refers to being able to log back in after being logged out. ("This also includes having to login after every action in the ACP.") I can only sign into the initial dashboard. There is no other functional URL in the entire ACP; they all say "Invalid administration session". There is no way to log into the ACP and look at anything but the dashboard; when I click the dashboard on the sidebar, I am also unable to access the ACP. The cookie settings are as this article specifies.

Also, I got the theme working. I still cannot use anything on the ACP except the basic index page; everything else is invalid, presumably because something's wrong with admin permissions, but I haven't figured out how to fix it.

Can you please tell me about editing the settings in phpMyAdmin?
I am still having problems. Please help.
I would like to upgrade to 1.8.6 before October. Please help.
Are you able to access the ACP and forum at the moment running on 1.6.14 ? If the database is correct then you can reupload all files from 1.6.14. If you have renamed your admin folder be sure you have the 1.6.14 admin files in there.
Yes, and I have done all this. The ACP is not letting me access any page except index.php, including the dashboard. I cannot log into the ACP, at all.