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Full Version: Forum not updating when I edit CSS
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(2015-09-25, 09:46 PM)meetdilip Wrote: [ -> ]Which ISP, OS ? I have seen such problems happen until your ISP removes the cache. I cannot recall correctly but there is one Windows command to get rid of it.

My OS is Windows 7 and ISP is from Mexico, cause I'm from Mexico, its called Izzi, but I havent changed ISPs for like a year, and I was able to make changes to my forum fine, but I was getting some problems with the theme, so I installed it again with different name a few days ago and now I have 0 errors, its just the not updating problem that im having now which started like 3 days ago

I wonder.. if you think its my ISP, should I try restarting my router and see if it works?
How long does it take your CSS to work ? It is common practice among certain ISPs to use cache. I have faced this issue a few times on my ISP in certain cases. Restarting router may not work. Reconnecting does not clear ISP cache. There is some command to clear cache which you can try on command prompt.

Edit --

Try ipconfig /flushdns on command prompt
I did the flushdns command just now and restarted my computer just in case and try editing something but it still took exactly 10 minutes for the changes to update, then I tried doing it on IE even though some parts of the theme look messed up on IE, but changes still take time to update

Could this be problem with my hosting or domain? also wanted to ask, do you think it would get fixed, if I reinstall mybb? I'd have to do all the edits and installing plugins and everything again but maybe if I save all the changes I did, if that will fix the problem I could try
Looks like a cache issue to me. Where ? You have to find out.
Checking my root's contents I just noticed theres a folder named ''cache'' and inside theres a folder named ''themes'' and inside that, there are 5 new folders names, theme1 them2 theme3 theme4 and theme5, I dont remember having them before, am I supposed to have them there? maybe deleting them could fix my problem?
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