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Full Version: change fonts in sceditor?
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Hi, everyone  Smile
Please see my attachment file.
Can I change fonts in sceditor?
these are all english fonts but I actually need Japanese fonts. 
If it’s difficult for me(newbee), then I’ll give up.   Blush

My sight is “
and my MyBB version is 1.8.6.

thank you,
Hi everyone,
I have solved the problem by myself.  Smile
So this is best answer haha XD
Please look at two attachment files.

【1】You need to edit “jquery.sceditor.bbcode.min.js”. The file is here.
Your MyBB folder → jscripts → sceditor → jquery.sceditor.bbcode.min.js

【2】Open the file and search "jquery.sceditor.default.css" section.
※It’s an easy way to search Arial(font)

"jquery.sceditor.default.css",fonts:"Arial,Arial Black,Comic Sans MS,Courier New,Georgia,Impact,Sans-serif,Serif,Times New Roman,Trebuchet MS,Verdana"

And then, Add fonts you like here(Separated by commas).

【3】Now, Clear your web browser cache, and then you’ll be able to see new fonts in editor font menu.