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Full Version: Top space problem
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Having a bit of a problem with this top space. I made a theme that doesnt require padding or a margin on the top of the forum. Now Ive tried CSS and templates to get rid of it but I cant find whats causing it. Normally, its just a margin which is fine, but for this theme, I don't want it. Any ideas?
Any code around that we could look at? Big Grin
body {
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;

If that doesn't work, it's the container. Just set its margin-top to 0.
Thats it, it was the margin. I spelled it magrin for some reason and missed it when I was checking over. Thanks Big Grin Big Grin


I had a little thing that showed that "If the first and last letter" is in the right place, all of the lettres in between can be scrabmled, but the brain still reads it as a normal correctly spelled word, partciulalry when it's amognst other text, IF you DON'T dwell on it word for word. Wink

Can't find it... Sad srroy abuot taht. hehehe! And if you read this quickly... you missed the mis-spelled words. Toungue