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Full Version: Help plzz urgent
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i want to update mybb to v1.18.6 my question is if i update to new version my old forums data will lost or not? 
plz tell me its urgent
Updating to MyBB 1.8.6 won't cause any data loss however you will have to make changes to your templates to make them fully compatible. If you are using a premium theme or one from the mods site there might already be a MyBB 1.8 compatible version. Make sure that your most important plugins are compatible before you upgrade.
OK thx I will try
(2015-09-30, 11:43 AM)sanket Wrote: [ -> ]OK thx I will try

As always make sure to have a backup of your data and do the merge on your localhost and reupload the content once the site is fully working and tested. You will have to tweak the inc/config.php file when you do tests on localhost (XAMPP).