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Full Version: my custom home page
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i think that myBB is THE best forum script....but the home page is not good.

i want to do this: i want to create my home page (index.html) writing html code. This is easy.....

is it possible to insert into the html code info from the default home page? (for example i want to insert code to my custom html page to display the message "Welcome back, username")

any help?
You wouldn't be able to use code from mybb templates in a html home page. Have you tried using the portal as your home page? There are many tutorials on how to do that.
Here you can see how to create a new custom page in mybb forum system =>
i'm searching for a good looking home page for my myBB powered site

i found one page html responsive templates and i copy the html code to index template. Everything is working fine but there is a conflict with the css commands when i try another page (except the home page).

i wonder if is possible to merge the great-looking template with the mybb template files....
Not unless you make a custom theme or modifications.
is there anybody with knowledge about themes,templates,css to try this?
Of course, there are many talented themers here. Hope they will respond to this thread.
This site has nice index page... Powered by Mybb
This webpage is not available
(10-08-2015, 06:19 PM)tempo Wrote: [ -> ]This webpage is not available

eh. Loading fine from my browser..
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