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Full Version: Ratings column disappeared
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I'm upgrading 4 forums. 1 of these I will update to 1.6.18 for now, until I can sort out a nice 1.8 theme. The rest can go to immediately to 1.8.

However, in the forum which has gone to 1.6.18 the ratings column has disappeared.

[Image: image-3707_560C9C02.jpg]

Even if create a new theme and a new template set it makes no difference, so it can't be anything to do with template reversion.

It's not just the star images which are missing. As can be seen above, the whole column is missing. 

Is there a configuration setting which turns the rating system off? I've had a look but I can't find one.

EDIT: Oh I get it now, there used to be a setting but it disappeared. Plus the setting for showing signatures has disappeared too.

FURTHER EDIT: OK I have managed to add back the ratings setting and set it to yes, so the ratings are showing again now. Can anyone help me by giving me the details of the show signatures setting, as currently signatures will not show even when users have chosen to see them and there is no longer a setting for signatures?

EVEN FURTHER EDIT: I managed in the end to add 'canusesig' to the usergroups table. Please feel free to contribute if you think there are any further fields I'm missing.