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Full Version: 406 Not acceptable
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Hi, I have a strange error on posting. I can't create a post with the word coalesce in it. Is there a reason for this?

Now in creating this post, I have proved that I obviously can and as I can't delete this post I'll add some more details.

I'm using version 1.8 at and was trying to create a new thread by copying and pasting a large amount of text. I would continually get 406 Not acceptable errors.

On breaking the content down I got as far as the word 'coalesce' which would not post (tried converting to ascii in a text editor to look for rogue characters etc.

When I removed the word, all was well.

Happy for mod to delete this if you feel this is trivial, but does anyone have any idea why this might be?
This is most likely mod_security or some php.ini/apache limitation on your server. If the content is too long the server won't accept it, some of the php.ini variables affeting this are: post_max_size, max_input_size

Mod_security might be rejecting the content. If you have mod_security enabled and you should disable it, provided that you don't have a custom site running which might contain very basic security holes.

If you are running on a shared host you can let them know about this because they don't provide you with php.ini access to tweak these settings on your own.