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Full Version: Plugin page in ACL loadtime/error loading
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I'm not too sure what information you need initially. My forum is here and it's on 1.8.6

For the past couple weeks, I've had extreme difficulty getting into my Plugin panel in the ACL, ever since installing the PHP in Templates plugin. Today I managed to get in and deactivate the plugin and then delete the file.

Yet, the problem persists. Either it takes 84-160 seconds to load the page or it gives me this error:

[Image: untitled_1_by_preimpression-d9bnw3d.png]

I've read that this can be a host problem, but I'm using hostgator and all my other pages seem to be loading fine. It's just the Plugin page that's having issues. 

Current enabled plugins:
Enhanced Account Switcher (2.0.8)
Display Usernames / Nicks Plugin (1.10)
Stop Forum Spam (1.4)
View Unread Posts (1.3.0)
While you were typing (1.4.2)
Additional Settings For Profile Fields (1.2)
XThreads (1.66)

and I have the standard Hello World! plugin that came with my forum disabled.
this reply might help (related to table_exists() function used in the plugin files)
Oh, so it's just a 1.8.6 error? I thought I'd screwed something up unknowingly haha. I didn't pick up on the connection between the upgrade and the plugin.
Is there a timeframe on the fix?
Looks like it, yes. That's why I prefer to wait for months before doing the update itself. Smile