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Full Version: Forums not being imported!
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I imported the users and the groups manually through the database manually and i wanted my forums back so imported the"mybb_forums" then i go to my settings and go to forum management  and nothing changed how would import the forums and threads?
Mybb, use SQL DataBase..Did you export those?
yea i have the old database all i want to do is import the forums i tried the merge thing to complicated i just imported tables so far everything works fine except the forums
Okay, then you go to: PhpAdmin and u import the info,
And if you done so: You'll need to make (ofc) New SQL, and once you did all of that, U should see like an error on your home-page, and now you need to Upload mybb folders to your site to w.e location exmaple: or
Also if you move or change the SQL go to: File manager, or FTP: Then: main/inc/config.php
I hope this helps you bit. If this not info your looking for..Wait for staff.