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Full Version: Guest IDs?
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I have a forum that is based purely off of guest posting, but do each guest have their own ID of some sort?
Yes they do.
(10-05-2015, 12:14 AM)workerBee Wrote: [ -> ]Yes they do.

Where is this ID stored?
Is the ID based off of the users' IP address?

Thanks for the quick reply.
Can you provide a link to your site please Smile and yes if your and admin when looking on who is online list their IP will be displayed to you

I need to have a Guest ID on the postbit. Where is this ID stored at?
Guest don't have any ID simply because it's impossible to distinguish between them. The username can be some kind of identification but it's not reliable.
This is not an answer to your question (since StefanT already answered), more of an alternative:

I guess you want to create some sort of system similar to /b/.

If you want to give the author permission to edit the post you can create a public which adds a password field to newpost/newthread/editpost/editthread and authenticate the user based on this password. You can also save the entered password in a cookie so that the user won't have to reenter it and can manage his/her own content with ease.
cannot you store IPs on envery visitor as you can detect the search bots?
Most internet users have dynamic IP addresses...
Hmm. Seems possible:

Thanks anyways guys. As long as Yaldaram's Plugins is compatible with 1.8, I'm buying!

!Have a good one