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Full Version: Sceditor - Spaces added after second list
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Spaces are added after second list when changing between source and wysiwyg, or after clicking "Preview Post".

  • a
    • aa
    • bb
  • b
    • aa
    • bb
  • c
    • aa
    • bb
it is SCEditor bug, not MyBB
?? what problem...
i can't see any problem here...

what sceditor show in wysiwyg mode, and what i can see in post after you posted message with two more list is exactly samething.
I guess he means the inconsistency between posts (1em margin used here for <ul>, but not in the default theme = not an issue...) and SCEditor (it inserts a line break, not spaces, after the nested list). Not sure whether we can fix the 2nd issue.

EDIT: it still happens even if I add breakEnd: false, breakAfter: false and skipLastLineBreak: true to all [/list], [/ul] and [/ol] here: I don't think there's another option which controls it. Looks like a SCEditor bug, I'll report it.
Sam Wrote:Removing isInline from the [*] tag from bbcodes_sceditor.js#L66 should fix the issue.

Can anybody check whether this produces the expected behavior without introducing new bugs?