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Full Version: Login option doesn't work!!
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Greetings to the MyBB support staff.

I've installed MyBB software for my community's forums around 5-6 days ago. To customize them I added 2 themes and everything was working fine on the default theme and the 1st theme. But on the 2nd theme, everything was top notch except for the 'Login' option.

When I click on the 'login' option, nothing happens at all, however, Register button works just fine.

I can only login by right clicking on the login button and then selecting 'open in new tab', but if I simply left click on it, nothing happens!

MyBB version : 1.8.6

Theme's name : Life is Beautiful (LIB)

Forum's URL :

I will also post a video, explaining the problem further. 

Looking forward to a solution.

Best Regards,

Here's the video to simplify what I wrote above :

Please help me!

Bump! e_e
Guys, this is terrible. I've received no help yet. I'm very disappointed!!
open you theme .xml and find where is write " Login"
and in Href="#"
write href="/member.php?action=login"

and i suggest you to re-design you theme i can't find where is login button or register !!!