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Full Version: Make theme responsive for $$$
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I am using the theme Unique and the developer didnt finish making the theme responsive. I will pay up to $30 to make the theme responsive. I may increase how much i pay you based on your work before on other themes. If you are interested comment below and ill send you the theme.Since I already have my theme configured already the way i like it i will send you the xml and theme files personally via pm.
you can use instead of responsive from scratch
I would like to if it wasn't white I need a dark theme nicer for the eyes at night

If there was a way to configure to Make it black and blue like my forums
I would buy it.
You can try my Respond theme, and use any dark Bootstrap theme you find (try Googling "dark free bootstrap themes"). If you visit my Respond Live Preview, you can see Respond with a dark Bootstrap theme by entering a URL to the CSS file, or by selecting a sample Bootstrap theme from the theme drop-down (some dark examples are Cyborg, Darkly, Slate and Superhero). Let me know what you think.