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Full Version: Is there any one?
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I asked a question. Still now i am waiting for getting a reply. But my bad luck, I didn't get any reply.  Huh No one doesn't know about PHP. I am not going to say that, you are not an expert. I just simply want to say that, Am i asked hard question? Then, Sorry !  Dodgy

My thread:
Generally support isn't provided here for third party plugins. The best place to get support for a plugin like this is the developer's official release site - which in this case is
Many people providing support on MyBB do so in their (limited) free time, same goes for the development of MyBB.

I would argue that lots of people on this forum know PHP. You are asking for help with regards to a third party plugin for which the developer provides support on a third party forum.
duplicate post. closing thread.