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Full Version: Poll results
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Hi forum!

I recently set up a forum using MyBB - no bells/whistles (yet) just whatever comes out of the box.  So far, it works great.

I posted a poll at the following url:

I noticed that when the poll results are displayed, it also displays who cast which votes.  I really would like for people to be able vote anonymously, or a lot of my site visitors may be reluctant to cast their votes.  (We discuss local politics on this forum.)

I searched the admin cp and searched this forum to find out if there is a way to disable the display of members' names on the voting results page, and so far have found nothing.  Is there a way to do this without me going in and hacking the code?

Thanks for developing such a great product!
You will have to check the "Public Poll" option during thread creation but it can be changed later on by clicking on "Edit poll". There is no global configuration to set this.

Public Poll: Give users the ability to see which user voted on which option(s).
Thank you! That was just what I needed.