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Full Version: Tabs redirecting
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Hello There.
So I have added tabs to my forum but I can't help but notice an important issue.
When you click a forum within the tab(let's say in the 4th tab) and then go back you will be redirected to the first tab.
Can anyone help me solve this problem?
Those tabs are css, the latest active tab is not remembered. In order to remember the tab you'll have put the ID of the tab in a cookie using javascript, thus I believe the Plugin Development subforum is the best place to ask this question.

If you decide to create such plugin (you probably don't want to tweak the tabs plugin) you will have to:
* Set the active page via jquery on pageload. If you have many forums or your site loads slowly you will be better off with a pure php/css solution but you will have to modify the plugin for that.
* Every time a tab is clicked save the ID in a cookie, using javascript