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Full Version: Fresh Install ?
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I want to fresh install MyBB but don't want to lose all the members, posts, and threads , I can recover Plugins and all other stuff, 

But, how to keep :
  • Threads
  • Attachments
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  • Profile Pictures
How to ?! I want step by step guide, please help
Why do you want to get rid of certain tables and keep others?

If you want to keep your database it is as easy and saving a copy of inc/config.php, uploading the mybb files, removing inc/config.default.php and reuploading inc/config.php.

If you only want to keep those tables you can export them from phpMyAdmin and after installing mybb remove the tables and replace it with those from your old forum.

* Export the tables you want to keep from phpMyAdmin
* Install MyBB
* Go to phpMyAdmin and delete the tables you want to import from your old forum
* Import the tables

If you decide to keep more of your tables you can configure the mysql dump to contain "drop statements" so that your database are deleted when you import the dump.