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Full Version: Help Docs Not working
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I changed the Help documents from my acp but it didnt update it my website then i got to languages>english>helpdocs.lang.php and change a title from there and it updated in my website it seems it isnt getting my edits from my database but from the helpdocs.lang.php file how can i fix this? this also goes for the sections in the help documents.
It's supposed to get the language info from the PHP file.
At least that's always been my understanding.
but why let me edit from acp in the help documents section when it isnt going to do any affect to my website?
A while back there was a change to fully support translatable help docs, but as a result it ignores the database entries. Definitely needs a second look.
it makes the help documents editor in the acp useless if we cant change anything there since when it makes a change there it makes a change in the database meanwhile the help documents is looking in the lang.php instead of the database thus not making changes.
Justmake new helpdocs (custom ones in the ACP) and set the default to off.

Like so: