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Full Version: Problem with mail thread mail notification
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I am running myBB on my site. People can join forum, mail from admin (aka me) is sent. People receive mail without any problem. On top I have tested php mail sending ( with php script found in mybb help web page), and mail is sent OK.
However when my user subscribe to forum + user has in User CP mode Default thread subscription mode = Instant email notification) no notification mails are received (most of the time). Mails are sent sporadically ( sometimes yes sometimes no), and I noticed that if I have 3 users all 3 subscribed to same forum, and if user 1 write post, log off. Mail is still not sent. Then if user 1 wait for ~15 min and log in back to forum, mail is received by user 2 and user 3 almost instantaneously.

Can you point me in direction on how to troubleshoot this problem, where to look.... No logs are generated under Tools & Maintenance -> Logs.


Oh yes, I am running:
MyBB Version 1.8.6
PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.13
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.5.44
Reset mail log cache
How to do that?
I tried to reset and rebuild cache first for Recount and rebuild for mailqueue but it did not helped. Then I did same for everything, but my mails are still sporadic. PM notifications and new member join notifications are working but forum and thread subscription notification is sometimes working sometimes not.
Can someone please help?