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Full Version: How do i find my php info
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How do i find this i need it
You can get this in your Tools & Maintenance tab in the ACP
If you just need to know your version you can find it on the ACP when you first log in on the main screen. It also tells you which version of MySQL you have.
(2015-10-19, 12:12 AM)mrmod Wrote: [ -> ]Cant itt says.

chmod -R 644 adminĀ 

Or, if using shared hosting, change the CHMOD within CPanel File Manager to 644 - see if that helps.
No just block admin panel made 644
(2015-10-19, 12:21 AM)mrmod Wrote: [ -> ]No just block admin panel made 644

Ok, what are you hosting on? CPanel is different to - say - a standard server.

Can get to work
Open a support ticket with your host. With any amount of luck, they'll be able to fix it.
They most likely won't fix it because it's a free hosting which has that functionality disabled.
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