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Full Version: Important - Disable all plugins and white page!
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Hi to all.
I have a great problem!
I disable all plugins , and after this, forum not load and show a white page on all pages ! admin cp not load and i can't enable all plugins to load forums.
how can i enable all plugins from host or phpmyadmins?
this is possible?
how can i fix this problem?
open phpmyadmin ,go to settings, change plugins from 0 to 1

PS sorry for short reply, but I have a life. Your PM was not appreciated.
My problem not solved!
this forum upgrade from 1.6 to 1.8 but plugins not upgrade to 1.8 and after disable all plugins, forum not load!
i think problem is plugins!
It's a strange problem!!! i don't know how can fix this! Confused
Did you rename the admin directory when you were using 1.6? If so,did you upload the admin files from 1.8 to the renamed directory?
(for info: this is not my forum and i support this user)

No, admin directory name is "admin" and is default.

for info, This forum using mybb 1.8.4.
Ok, so you of course took a backup of the forum database before you upgraded and you know what version you were on. So you may have to rollback the changes and try again with upgrade.
I ticket to this site's host for this problem and tell me this is for this error:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function jalali_date() in /home/.../public_html/inc/functions.php on line

this function.php on line 336 is:
/* + PL:mybbirjalalidate + */ return jalali_date($format, $stamp, $offset, $ty, $adodb);

what is this function problem?! are you know?
A plugin is adding a patch. Try chmodding that file so patches cannot write to it.
I did't understand good.
What should I do? change function.php chmodding? how?
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