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Full Version: Attachment issue on editpost
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Hello everyone, i have an issue with attachment on 1.8.5 , if i attach during the writing of a post everything is ok , if i do that modifying a post i cannot  put the attachment inside the post.
Can anyone let me know how to solve the issue?

Is this happening on the default theme?
Yes i modified some graphics but it is the defaul theme, if i attach the image while I edit It attaches it only at the bottom of the post but i cannot put it inside the text where i want it to (works corretly if the post is new).
Lets test that here:

Please provide a list of plugins. Have you tried running the board no plugins?
There are currently no plug ins installed Sad
May be "Full Edit" is not working properly
Did you customized editpost template?
It is wierd, because full edit is working, it is just that button that is not working.... putting attachment into the discussion.

No as i said on the other post only some traphics have been updated from the default theme, no other customization Sad
Ok, I usually like to fix the issue in posts on the forum for future reference, but it might be quicker if I look at the board. Please pm me an url and an admin account username and pass.
Problem fixed.

I saw that the codebuttons variable was missing from the editpost template. I added it in. Now working.