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Full Version: Leaf Theme Issue
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It is technically a 1.6 problem - I think. I am on 1.8.6 using a 1.6 theme, and some of the images are not showing up.
Is there a standard procedure for doctoring this kind of conversion? All the images are there, clearly, but there is some disconnect still.
My Website:

I had to change some images from gif to png but that does not fix all the images. The "new thread" button and "Forum Contains New Posts" ison at the bottom still are not showing up. Any ideas?
Its rather unfortunate, because the theme really does look like the stock mybb 1.8 theme, only green. 
Much appreciated  Smile
The MyBB 1.8 default theme is based on Apart and actually comes in various colors. Check the options for the theme in the ACP, you'll find a dropdown where you can select Green. Smile
Oh wow! Silly me to have missed that - what a great feature! Thanks!
(case closed) Smile