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Full Version: Privacy issue in custom profile field
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In my forum I added a custom profile field which is hidden and set to Viewable By Administrator only.
But all forum staffs/Moderator can see it.
How can I restrict it to administrator only.
Display on profile? *
Should this field be displayed on the user's profile? This doesn't apply to administrators/moderators.

[Image: customprofilefield.png]
That sounds like a bug, isn't it?
I think so, as I have seen this for earlier version also but I forgot to notice it.
Does this applies in the latest version?
I always use the latest version but the case is same for all version.
The "Display on profile" did stay the same from 1.6 because moderators can still edit users from the ModCP and there they can see the field data.

I don't think this is going to be considered as a bug.
Yes, but it conflicts when only Administrator group is selected to to view this filed.
So I think it should consider in next development. I think the restricted fields moderator should not be allowed to view or edit for better privacy.