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Full Version: [URGENT]Moving forum.
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I need some urgent some, i've got my forum @
But i want to move it to & put a homepage @
in SMF there was option to change links, but i couldnt find any in MyBB to change links.
As if i'd move my folder in public_html/forum it will mess up links.

Thank you in advance.
Go to Admin CP
Update site details:
>> Board URL:
>> Cookie Path: /forum/

Now move all the forum files to the new directory "forum"
Couldnt find "Update site details" option in admincp, can you please clarify a bit more? thanks.
Admin CP >> Configuration >> Site Details
Hi, i got in a bigger problem.

After moving the files & stuff you said to do, this is how my forum appears:

Though the admin cp is working fine.
It looks fine to me. Have you flushed your browser's cache?