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Full Version: Accept or Decline threads?
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Am searxhing for this solution from a long time and I want to know how to do this?
Look at the screenshot your self and tell me how to do this. 
Experts olease help Big Grin
I asked the forum head they said they have it in moderation tools so can you give me code or something to add this miderator tool? Thanks Big Grin
It looks like a thread prefix applied using a custom moderation tool.

Step 1: Create a thread prefix in ACP.
Step 2: Create custom thread tool, select to add a thread prefix when it runs.
Step 3: Look in the moderation tools dropdown; you will see a custom moderation tool.
Thanks Big Grin

But if I add a prefix wont will it be alsoo avaliable when someone is posting a new thread
You make it available only to staff. If they use it when posting a new thread then you deal with the staff.
Thabks the problem solved Big Grin