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Full Version: Admin CP Permissions Query - Hide Home Tab
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Hey fellow MyBB users,

I hope that someone might be able to help please...

I'd like to add another admin to my board, but wish to hide the 'Home Tab' from her. (I'd just like her to see/manage user accounts but not have access to anything else)

As it stands, the primary admin account has the ability to limit other admins' access to all the Admin CP tabs except the 'Home Tab'. "User & Groups > Admin Permissions > etc etc" is Not an option, as the Home Tab is always enabled.

The Home Tab contains information I'd rather not share with anyone elseĀ - PHP version, SQL engine, Administrator notes etc etc...

Would it be at all possible to please block access to this particular Admin CP tab? Either by modifying something in the Admin CP, modifying an Admin folder file, through a database rule, a plugin...etc etc.

Or alternatively, only allow her to manage user accounts, change passwords etc, without even needing the Admin CP.

Thank you!!