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Full Version: SMTP issues
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ZHello all!

I am currently running the latest version of mybb on an OS X platform. 

Problem: SMTP auth

Info: The usual settings for my SMTP server (not in bb) uses MD5- DIGEST or MD5 challenge response over ssl on port 587 submission. I know for a fact my mail server is working because it works on phpbb. For testing purposes I allowed any type of authentication but nothing is working. When checking the mail logs it says error 250 no authentication methods are supported. But I've made every single authentication method available. Any suggestions?
MyBB only supports PLAIN and LOGIN authentication. Have you confirmed these authentication methods are available?
Thanks for the reply. I have my SMTP serve accepting any form of authentication. It doesn't have the exact words of PLAIN login. It says Cleartext would that work?
You can connect to your mail server via telnet (or openssl for encrypted connections):
openssl s_client -starttls smtp -crlf -connect
After entering "ehlo" it should tell you all available authentication methods, for example:
Please check that it either says PLAIN or LOGIN.
I entered your command and recieved "250 Chunking" I looked through the rest and didn't see anything.

I've tried a ton of different ways to configure but I think we're getting close by enabling the correct auth because right now it is chunking
What software do you use as mail server? There can be several lines with features but there must one with AUTH when authentication is possible.

(10-27-2015, 02:30 PM)Jackmcq1 Wrote: [ -> ]OS XSERVE

But postfix config will work with it

(10-27-2015, 02:30 PM)Jackmcq1 Wrote: [ -> ]OS XSERVE

(10-27-2015, 02:30 PM)Jackmcq1 Wrote: [ -> ]OS XSERVE

But postfix config will work with postfix
Sorry that was a bad attachment here is all the auth methods available
Are you sure you still get the same error message?
Ok I've narrowed down the problem. My mail server does have PLAIN but the 250 is set to use MD5 so it's not human readable. How can I change this?
What do you mean by "it is set to use MD5"? PLAIN authentication is a standard that shouldn't behave differently on different servers. If you just need to md5 the password, you can probably just enter the md5 in the ACP.