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Full Version: moderatos need moderations aproval when posting
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Something very strange happens, when a moderator of "Forum 1" post in a "Forum 2", the post is pending of aproval.

But the Forum 2 have not any restriction, even registered users can post on "forum 2" without any aproval needed.

I checked moderators user groups and permissions but it looks all fine, if i set the moderator to a supermoderator then the problem disappear, but i cant set some moderatos to supermoderators for security reason.

Where is the problem?
Thank you!
I am unsure how to fix your problem, but what is this security issues with supermods? As long as they cannot access the users in the ACP there is no issue, and indeed, there is no reason to allow a supermod in the ACP imo.
well in fact is not for security reasons, but i dont want let moderators see ip's and moderate threads that does not belongs to the forums they are moderating.
Check in your moderator usergroup, in the Forums and Posts do you have moderate new posts and moderate new threads ticked? if so, untick it.
yehhh you go it!