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Full Version: Add Custom MyCode to SCEditor
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So, im using the same Editor you guys use in here. I have made two new bbcodes called:
  • [areatexto][/areatexto] 
  • [ooc][/ooc]
I saw some of the javascript files on the folder but i have to admit that i have no single idea of what they actually mean or wich one i should edit to add them, search for a solution and only found one that is not very clear and other one that the site is down (redirects to the ugle classic link refering simple sites)

How can i achieve to add this to bbcodes i made to my SCEditor?

Would appreciate if somebody could give me a hand as i have no idea about and it frustrates me not being able to do it myself u_u
(10-28-2015, 05:32 AM)martec Wrote: [ -> ]

Jackpot! Thanks!