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Full Version: Merge from IPB4: Poll Votes
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I am working on a conversion of a board that uses IPB4 to MyBB. However, I have come across this when converting poll votes.

[Image: 6GIjEqS.png]

The merge system reports no issues when converting any of the other items from IPB4.

So, an update. Seems there was a mistake in boards/ipb4/pollvotes.php:
$insert_array = $this->prepare_insert_array($insert_data. 'pollvotes');
Should have been:
$insert_array = $this->prepare_insert_array($insert_data, 'pollvotes');
This issue has now been resolved.
Did that work for you?
I think the polls import also has a bug - as it reports it finds 0 polls.

I haven't been able to finish the merge yet, so I couldn't check if polls actually work, but my polls spit out the following errors:

File: /merge/resources/class_error.php Line: 57 Function: Log->warning -> 
File: /merge/boards/ipb4/polls.php Line: 69 Function: debugErrorHandler->error -> 
File: /merge/resources/modules/polls.php Line: 58 Function: IPB4_Converter_Module_Polls->convert_data -> 
File: /merge/boards/ipb4/polls.php Line: 38 Function: Converter_Module_Polls->insert -> 
File: /merge/index.php Line: 943 Function: IPB4_Converter_Module_Polls->import -> 
$type: 2 $message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() $file: merge/boards/ipb4/polls.php $line: 69