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Full Version: Change the index page on Unique theme
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I have unique theme and it has alot i can edit. I need to know how i can edit where this links too how i can change what this says How i can add a page at the top that says "upgrade" and links to a forum post and last how i can delete all of these "link heres" dropdown menus. They are un-needed wow that was alot but thanks
this forum is for mybb software only Wink
for theme support go here:

or to the theme release thread, in this case here:

anyway for the u edit them on header template
there exists several dropdown but they are only examples
to add a new button on top menu just copy and paste the code from 1 previous button
for the images ,text and links on portal page u must edit on the Portal templates

PS: pls dont send me pm for support of theme, unless i ask
you would get a faster response if u use the thread release to ask for support Wink

Hey man everything worked except for upgrade page i am a bit confused with that.