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Full Version: MyBB Menu Bar
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As the title suggest but I want to make two menu bar one is user bar which show UCP MCP ACP and other user details at the top of the logo (or top of the page) and ther is the forum's menu bar, which stays below the logo means two menu bar one is above logo and one is below logo.

I tried to make one but when think to move the #panel .lower to he top so change the paddig property but it moves a skit upward and then nothing happened.

So what I should do now. The user bar for guest will remain there just sgowing the login box and register button and when a member logged it shows up the details of the member.

I tried editing it in header_welcomeblock_member
Aby guesses how can I do this.

I am developing a theme for the very first time but edited many themes locally to learn.
can you share the header and header_welcomeblock_member template here... and do we have a url to check for any css edits...
I chnged the defualt mybb theme just copied all files from it. Parent theme us mybbmasterstyle
So i think it'll be easy as am working on mybb default themes copy

I just addedd padding in #panel .lower
try adding the following css in global.css to panel lower and logo as given below

#panel .lower {
top: 0px;
position: absolute;
width: 100%;

#logo {
margin-top: 32px;
Thanks will try thisSmile