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Full Version: can you prevent viewing of source code on pages?
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Just curious because I did see someone totally copy my post and place it on their site. Granted it is a free ebook site but I spend a lot of time to set it up and work it. It has been three months already and I still am working in it and already someone got it. Is there something or anything I can do?  Confused
Realistically, no. It's more of a social/legal issue than a technical one. If someone visits your forum and sees something they want to copy, there's nothing you can do to completely prevent them from doing so.
You can disable right click, but CTRL + U brings source code up.
The browser needs access to the HTML (and JavaScript and CSS) in order to render your site. Because of this, a sufficiently technical person could grab all this data, too.
Well truthfully since it is a free site, I guess it is not a real issue. There are no purchases or anything else to secure either. Thank you for a better understanding... Smile
Get a copyright for your source code for your site and make it copyright
if someone uses your code without permission they will get in trouble
but also therefore this is mybb code so it belongs to mybb you would have to redesign all the code for that