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Full Version: Registration button not working
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So i tried to register at my forum i did everything correct and when i press Submit Registration it does nothing at all as you can see nothing happens 

[Image: fabc9e6aeec2f991311390943e8d79d1.gif]

Heres the code my forum name got changed to unknown.

I went to default theme still nothing

Registration Security Question (1.2)

Adds a randomly selected security question on registration page.
Created by - G33K -

was the one causing problems now i need an alternative Sad
It is theme problem, maybe js is missing

Default theme should work if you don't change anything. You can always change it back to default.
it was the plugin doing the problem not the theme i had to disable it now i need an alternative
Run File Verification In Admin Cp And Post ScreenShoot Of Missing Files
i understand why the smileys,default avatar,help docs, help sections, and callopsed and uncallopsed were changed because i did it myself

[Image: 57e7fa5c4160bb4590bd5e7018b93d3c.png]