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Full Version: Can't Install Plugins.
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  I recently installed a fresh Mybb 1.8.6 in a new domain name in my VPS, after adding the plugins to the plugins directory I went to activate the plugin but the plugin has been automatically installed it only showed
Activate and Uninstall - see the image below


I click Uninstall, I showed that 'the plugin has been uninstalled successfully' but is see showed
the same Activate and Uninstall as if the plugin has been installed. see the image below


This is my third time of doing fresh install and still experiencing the same problem, anybody every encountered this or have solution?
well im not sure about this but have you tryed other plugins??
saying this because that some plugins only requires activation and others requires instalation and activation
pls try other plugins just to test it out
I also tried Myalerts and it was the same from the above.
Mybb Gomobile requires install which is is necessary to insert database table in the database.
I just think it is quite strange to see 'uninstall' while the table is not inserted.