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Full Version: Category descriptions plugin
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Is there a plugin (free or commercial) available, that will allow you to enter descriptive text and possibly HTML on the individual forum display pages?

if i understood correctly you can do it using, ACP >> Forums & Posts >> Select a Forum >> Edit Forum Settings >> Forum Rules

select "Display rules for this forum on the thread listing" in the drop down and enter your title and message to be displayed...
Hi, yes I am aware of forum rules. I am currently using that (for rules). The functionality of that needs to be replicated for a category description, like on ecommerce sites.
Not quite sure whether you want a different description than the description displayed on index.
I am thinking of a different description. A new field will need to be created in the database for it. I found a possible quick hack way of doing this today by using this plugin:

but won't be very practical or tidy if it comes to creating 2 or more descriptions for individual forums.
As an alternative, you can use the default forum description, but using CSS classes to hide and show a portions of the descriptions in a specific places (the forum description accepts HTML).
Won't work for what I have in mind. The description i have in mind will be much more complete (longer) than the short forum descriptions currently. Also once you have these descriptions you can then get shorter descriptions for the index or subforum listings with something like this added to the query:

SUBSTRING_INDEX(p.forum_description, ' ', 20)

Good idea for a plugin, I think.
Oh, I don't know that you already changed your query.
Since I don't change the query, so I use the default forum description in forumdisplay (different from the index).
Have not changed anything yet, but the standard description won't help me. I am looking to place a whole new description in between rules and the forum threadlist.
Shouldn't be really hard creating a plugin for that I think. Maybe I'll create one.
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