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Full Version: Pseudo Rebuild Necessary (Please Advise)
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Hello all.

My default installation was in fine shape until a week or so ago when I found fifty new spam registrations on a forum I have yet to actively promote.

Each of those fifty spam users have smeared the entire site with advertising jargon. I've deleted all of those users but their threads remain. Many threads per user.

a) how do I easily delete all posts for any user who no longer exists?
b) what's the most effective settings/plugin configuration for 1.8.x to prevent such things?

this post from 2012 feels a little dated ...
The best way is to use purge spammer, which is built in to MyBB 1.8.6. If you dont see the button then from the users profile you can find allposts and then delete from there.
My problem is that I mistakenly batch-deleted all of the spam accounts without ridding the site of their posts. Honestly, only ONE post should exist currently (written by yours truly, introducing the forum).

Is there a simple solution?
can you access phpmyadmin?

or just export your theme, and reinstall (if no plugins and default theme then just delete the db and reinstall it).
I can definitely access phpmyadmin ... have done so in the past though not often and would love some specific steps for a "quick clear" LOL.

Because all of my forums and sub-forums are in place, I'm hoping I won't have to reset the entire database.

What would you have me do in phpmyadmin, @Leefish?
From within phpmyadmin, find the thread id (tid) that should exist. Delete from the post table where the tid is anything else. Next delete from the thread table where the tid is anything else.
That definitely took care of some business. Now, however, I'm left with the thread counts and everything else. I feel like I saw a "reset everything" button (with regards to thread/post counts) somewhere in the settings. Hunting for that.


By the way ... big thanks!
look in the tools and maintenance tab and see recount/rebuild in the left menu.