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Full Version: Can someone help me with a Template Code?
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I have spoke to a few people and got Latest Activity Sidebar, i've edited small parts in templates.
Here is mine so far:

I want mines like this forum:

Here is the code for template recentthread_thread
    <td class="{$trow}"><a href="{$threadlink}">{$thread['subject']}</a><br />{$thread['author']}<br />{$posteravatar}</td>
    <td class="{$trow}">{$lastposttimeago}<br />
    <a href="{$lastpostlink}">Last Post:</a> {$lastposterlink}<br /><br />{$lastavatar}
    <td class="{$trow}"><a href="javascript:MyBB.whoPosted({$thread['tid']});">{$thread['replies']}</a></td>

Can someone help me get it like the the forum i mentioned above? It would be highly appreciated!