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Full Version: No images on themes, permission issue?
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Hey guys. I'm a newbie MyBB user trying to get MyBB working on my vps (Ubuntu Linux Server 14.04) for the first time.

I tried some kind of a guide with nginx at first but then i couldnt get it working due to its complexity and then i realized i could use apache for this, so i installed apache and other useless stuff because i used many different guides lol.

After that, the installation page showed up but it was all just text, so i installed some kind of a php handler for apache and it works now, yay i guess.

Now when i tried to install themes (ive tried at least 5 of them) they've all been broken. For instance, the least broken of them all, 1point8 is currently installed on my website, and you can take a look at it at
You can clearly see that there are some pictures missing, like the logo. They are in the folder but i can't access them on the website

Please help me, i've crawled almost the whole internet for an answer but all i found was that i need to have the images folder on my website, but i obviously have done that.

Thank you very much
I would suggest checking that all of the image files are at CHMOD 755
It works, thank you very much Smile