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Full Version: Users & Groups Missing in ACP
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Description of the Problem
When in my [new] forum, with a fresh install of MyBB 1.8.6, upon entering the ACP I come across no Users & Groups tab in the navigation menu. After various meager attempts to fix the problem myself, and searching various other posts related to the problem, I cannot find a viable way to fix this.

Things I've Attempted to Fix the Problem
  • Replacing the users folder.
  • Disabling any plugin available.
  • Different Browser (Was in Chrome, Switched to IE).
  • Re-uploading MyBB 1.8.6 completely.
URL of the Problematic Page
In General

Test Account Information
As I cannot really make a Test Account for this, as the problematic pages are needed to do so. If a MyBB Team Member will message me, I can give them my personal account's information.

General View of Problem
[Image: CBfgQZF.png?1]

The Sidebar of Users & Groups
[Image: fLH4WGB.png?1]

When in Users & Groups through Forcing its URL, Options of Users
[Image: 3JUGVWO.png?1]

EDIT: I did a File Verification to discover that the install I had attempted to do both times, did not download all the requisite files. After downloading it about (4) times and manually checking for all files, it finally works.
maybe something with language files? chek all files are here and set it to default english if you use other language