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Full Version: Unable to attach zip files.
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Hi all,

                          I am unable to attach ZIP files to my forum, and also I am unable to unzip the files which I have uploaded previously they get download but unable to unzip. Also want to know is there any size limit for Uploads, I have set it to 24MB will it take 24MB size. I heared PHP only allows 2MB upload size. How can I change it? Please help..........................
Whenever I download the zip file from my forum and try to unzip, I am getting the following error.

Please help

Thanks in Advance
forum admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> View PHP Info
search for post_max_size & upload_max_filesize and give their values

I have the required values but its still giving the same error. unable to Unzip the zip files.
Please help..
How big is the file when you download it?
It is of same size as i have uploaded..

It is getting saved as .attach file in my Uploads folder.
^ are you trying direct download of files from the uploads folder ? if so, that is not the best method.
if you are downloading through post, you should get correct extension for the files & they should work.
No i just said the format its getting saved. I am downloading it from the post itself.

If I download it from uploads folder than its getting unziped, as I am downloading it from uploads folder its in .attach format. Its not getting unziped if I download from the post.
I can't check it right now Sad
if direct help required, you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & files (FTP)
and I can check it after about 11 hours from now
You need access for Hosting account or Mybb admin access?
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