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Full Version: Template Element Loocation
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I am trying to modify an element <span style="color: darkblue;"> under forumdisplay_usersbrowsing.
I am having problems trying to find it. Where is it located in the templates?

Also where are the template files located on the file system?
Any screenshot or details? how can we identify only single element so better you give us a screenshot and your forum URL.
Here is a screenshot
I can pm you the forum URL if you need it. I would rather not publicly post it
It is in Forum display templates group of your theme the last two may contain what you are looking for.
It is  $user['profilelink']} in forumdisplay_usersbrowsing_user that is causing it.

I have dug around a bit looking for it with no luck.
I see your screenshot and it tells me what you are trying to find. Head over to your ACP>Users & Groups>Groups> Click the group you want to edit the style and change the style through Username Style box
here it is [Image: 1525237543.sae.JPG]
That worked perfectly. Thank you.
I normally recommend creating CSS classes for the different user groups instead of using inline markup.

<span class="MyUserGroup">{username}</span>

Then add the style definition to your theme's global.css:

span.MyUserGroup {
color: blue;
font-weight: bold;

This allows you to theme how your usernames show up instead of creating a style that looks good in all themes. Obviously you would change MyUserGroup to something more meaningful.