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Full Version: Quick Reply Bug? Cannot complete a Captcha?
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I have just tried a test post reply on my forum where I have enabled posting replies with moderation for guests, however I am getting an error.

It reads "There was an error posting your reply: The Are You a Human game was not completed. Please try again."

I have said "Are You a Human" only applied to things like registration? This happened on quick reply, where no question or field from the "Are You a Human" system is displayed. Is something supposed to be displayed?

Edit: Running latest 1.8
Is this a custom theme or the MyBB stock theme?
(11-30-2015, 10:49 AM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]Is this a custom theme or the MyBB stock theme?

It's the stock theme. A newish installation with most options as default.
Are you running any plugins? If you check this on the default theme no plugins does it work?
No, there are no plugins. It is a fresh installation with only some configuration changed, user permissions changed, forums added and one or two templates not at all relevant to any reply or text box features changed. You should be able to replicate the issue yourself by just allowing guests to post replies with moderation when the Are You a Human captcha is enabled. Thanks!